Outer path for inner call

Pupose_project happiness

The path to purpose is not always clear and easy. It needs inputs as the one above from Project Happiness (http://www.projecthappiness.org), self-reflection and feedback from people you trust.

I knew very early in my life (age 10) that I want to be a pharmacist. Now more than 30 years later I’m a change agent & coach: from the inner calls’ perspective it’s the same as it serves the same purpose: human being’s wellbeing, now with focus on the business life.

What can be summarized in those 4 lines involved lots of sweat, happiness and struggle. In high school I wanted to stop and get into truffle production (now a hobby of mine). During university I felt I never get the biochemistry of the human. I studied and studied and at the end I even was considering a PhD in Biopharmacology because I was so enthusiastic about it. But instead I went into a retail pharmacy and felt constrained by the regulations. I started at the pharmaceutical industry and got caught by marketing & sales. What a great adventure! I thrived and I was in the field of being paid for what I’m good in and what I love. Until one day in 2003, I did not love it anymore. I felt empty from within and the question ‘Why do I do what I do’ surfaced. Not an easy one to answer and to reflect what it’s based upon, as I was very successful in what I did at that time. Being me, I was quite drastic in my take on finding the answers to the question why: I left my job and took a time-out from work to find answers.

Ever since 2004 I’m on my path to purpose. I started my coaching & training formation, kicked-off my first company, connected with my healing skills and intuition, traveled the world and explored new fields of work. If I would have had the above graph as guide, things might have developed even faster. But now we are in Oct 2015 and since several years I work in my own business enabling insights and facilitate change for individuals and organizations. I truly love what I do as it serves the bigger purpose of peoples being happy@work and I’m good in what I do. The rest follows along those lines. Is that the end of my path to follow the inner call? No, I do not think so, but I take it step by step.

What is your path? What is different then years back and equally the same? Let me know, I’m curious to get to hear your story.

Stay happy and connected

Weihnachtspostkarte 2013If I had a wish, a wish for anyone close to my heart and those I do not know yet, everyone living in our world then it would be: “Stay happy and connected.” Connected to each other, connected to yourself and by doing that you actually stay happy.

A year full of news, events and new connections & insights finds it’s end. A year which showed me that limitations and new horizons are so close to each other that I really do not know if there is a difference in between them. People very close to me lost important people in their lives or they received the gift of new live. In each of those moments I felt my heart flowing. Flowing towards the other persons heart to share joy or grief, to live compassion and lighten up the emotions. I felt the joy and the responsibility of the connection and I followed each call with no hesitation as my heart already was there when my mind decided to go.

As humans we have the joy of having both, a heart and a mind – latter I admire really much. This year was my year of the heart over mind experiences and my world is so much richer now staying connected.

For everyone of you, who wants some tips and tricks for the mind to stay connected and happy, please find here a website http://www.actionforhappiness.org and scroll down and find under resources a pdf Booklet

Enjoy Kathrin

Free spirit

Free spirit

This summer I took nearly 10 weeks time off business and was traveling around in the South West of the US. It was a great time and I enjoyed the difference landscapes, the different cultures in the states and meeting lots of new people from all over the world. I really felt like a free spirit, no (or better nearly no) obligations, no rules to follow and lots, lots of time to think & to be.

Now back home I go through the notes I made and a quote / question that I wrote down jump to my face: do you have the discipline of a free spirit?

Hmm, good questions I need to admit: so is this an habit of mine – not just while being aboard, while having time off, but also back home, back to the work place, back with the routine?

I need to admit: my daily routine is very fast in getting myself back to where I was before I left. But now I have my personal reminder with a graffiti from Las Vegas as background.

So lets all of us cultivate our free spirits! Kathrin

Adding value

Today I sent an SMS to a friend in Russia giving some news about work and business. She wrote back that she enjoys work there and despite she has still many things to learn – she tries to add value where she can.

add valueA statement that touched my heart. And reflecting about my last 2 months, during which I was physically restricted due to an accident (and frustrated because elf the limitations) – I can say, I tried the same. Adding value despite not being at the top of health, despite not being able to artistically use available resources, despite recognizing that there are limitations – I added value whenever I could.

When we act from the position of wanting to add value, from the position of doing our best, then we allow ourselves to tap into our resources & talents available and with that allow all others to do the same. In my trainings I talk about the JFK cocktail in reference to Dorothy Sarnoff a Pioneer of the Self-Help Movement. This cocktail consists of  5 believe sentences essential to a good state management. A great tool to be used every day because if you can hold this cocktail state – you’re in the right mood to add value where needed and wanted. – Just try it out!



Only if you dare you achieve bravery

grow courageBeing authentic or the true self in other words, is sometimes the most complex, inconceivable and  out of reach thing one can dream of. But you achieve it by taking one step after the other, including steps back as well as rest periods. Working with my clients I’m full of pride when they face events from their life path with courage facing failures, overcoming taff periods and unexpected life events. Learning how to deal with such times with today’s abilities and with faith in oneself.

It’s beautiful to see that small steps taken consciously now have big impacts all life long!

Trust your intuition

Starting the day today I saw on LinkedIn this picture and I guess like thousands of others, I opened it and checked what I saw. Now one thing you need to know before reading any further is, that at the moment my brain does not really work as usual as I have – due to a little accident – a whiplash. That has the effect that sometimes my brain makes what it wants or more specifically: not want I consciously want. Having said this preliminary note, while opening the pic with all the letters, a little voice in my head said: intelligence.

word firstWait a moment, where is that word? I took another look and said to me: no I see friends, freedom, but not intelligence. But then a few seconds later I saw this word and I even spelled it loud to check if it’s there or just an illusion. But yes it was there: my brain / intuition has seen it way before my conscious intelligence has analysed it!

Taking this as an analogy, I guess I have to thank my brain that sometimes it does not do what I want, practically speaking I shall trust more my intuition. Having at the moment way more off working time then usual due to my recovery, I promise to practice it more!  Enjoy your day Kathrin


Wo entsteht Kreativität im Unternehmen?

Woodoo-BabyVorneweg, Kreativität schließt immer die Möglichkeit des Scheiterns mit ein. Doch werden Fehler & Scheitern als Chance betrachtet, kann daraus nachhaltiges Lernen entstehen. Die Kreativität ist die schöpferische Leistung eines Menschen und ist darin Ausdruck einer selbstbewussten und kreativen Persönlichkeit – womit wir meiner Meinung nach auch schon bei der Krux der Sache sind.

Das Selbstbewusste einer Person kommt durch Vertrauen ins sich selbst und Wirkkraft wie auch Person an sich. Ein Vertrauen, das bei vielen – wenn nicht allen – auch vom Umfeld stark beeinflusst – ja auch geprägt sein kann. Doch wie schafft ein Unternehmen Vertrauen? Es gilt auf Unternehmensseite Freiräume für Mitarbeitende zu schaffen. Begleitet ist dies durch eine wertschätzende Kommunikation und eine Atmosphäre von gegenseitigem Respekt, die es dann erlaubt unkonventionelles Denken zu fördern. Von Mitarbeiterseite her obliegt sich an Umsetzung und Ideenfindung – auch über seine eigne Komfortzone hinaus – zu beteiligen. D.h. in einer Unternehmung ist das geschenkte Vertrauen in Mitarbeitende auch immer mit der Delegation von Verantwortung verbunden. So ist der Mitarbeitende nicht nur angehalten den Freiraum des geschenkten Vertrauens zu erforschen, sondern auch die Verantwortung für mögliches Scheitern mit zu tragen. Da sich die Faktoren Wertschätzung und Selbstvertrauen sowie Freiräume und Verantwortungsübernehme gegenseitig beeinflussen, stellt sich die Frage wo beginnen? Für mich ist ein Schlüsselfaktor der Respekt. Und da gilt es zu wissen, dass wer nicht selbst anderes & andere respektiert, kann im Gegenzug auch nicht respektiert werden.

Im Kontext Kreativität & Respekt ist das Bild eines Werkes von Sonja Rieser, Ihres Zeichens kreative Schafferin von Hüten, Kleidern und anderen Kunstwerken, zu sehen. An ihrer Vernissage anfangs Oktober sah ich dieses kleine Puppe – es war   Deko – nicht zum Verkauf. Doch ich bin bis heute fasziniert, wie jemand soviel Mut aufbringt, den Rahmen von Konventionen zu sprengen – eine kleine – wenn auch ungewöhnliche Inspiration! Kathrin


MiracleToday I started my day listening to songs of Queen with Freddie Mercury as lead singer. I listened not only to the songs and my memories along but more to the meaning of the texts. 2 particular ones captured my attention: The show must go on and The miracle.Queen_song_text)

Most likely you heard those songs already many times, you may even sing the songs in your mind right now.

As an artist you capture what’s within by creating another level of expressions such as words, melodies, graphics, installations, food, fashion, photography …. there is no end of how you can do it.  Everyone of us has such an artist within us, but only  a few share it in public. Thankful we are that they do it, express their perceptions allowing us to follow their doubts and hopes.

The Show must go on! The Show must go on! Yeah, yeah!

Ooh! Inside my heart is breaking! My make-up may be flaking…

But my smile, still, stays on! Yeah! oh oh oh

At first it sounds sad and actually nearly always I have tears in my eyes when I hear it.  It’s a song about going on in the outside knowing that within you’re not on track any longer. I guess a lot of us know that feeling. But in some lines of the song there’s hope as well:  I’m never giving in & I guess i’m learning.

Much more hope to grow, to learn – to celebrate the existing life you’ll find in the song “the miracle”:

We’re having a miracle on earth,
Mother nature does it all for us


That time will come one day you’ll see
when we can all be friends

Is there any take home from those 2 songs? There is for me: we all have times of doubt and moments when we feel that ‘The show must go on’. But at the same time we know that there are lots of miracles around us and that it’s about us to shift the focus:  maybe by stunning like a little child about what there is and what we are able to do.

In that sense I selected the picture of the  spider in the sun: a little beauty, a little miracle of ‘mother nature’ that we often oversee. Kathrin

Being in-between

Outside temperature changes in our clime zone from Summer to Fall. It’s cold again and at the same day warm. It starts to be in-between…not yet the one or other thing.  Do you know that feeling? What was until now doesn’t feel right any longer and yet nothing new is in sight? Or you feel that things need to change but you cannot yet take decisions?  It is as if you ‘hang in there’ and you know it but…?

Just yesterday I heard again: ‘You are not your thoughts’ and by combining it with another sentence that cross me today: ‘Find the balance of the opposites within you to find your being’ you get an idea what you might want to do.

Go in distance to you (and your situation, your thoughts, your habits, your world of connections and dependecies) and change from a doing to a being mode. Best way to do it right now is to concentrate solely on your breath. And if you can do that while keeping a smile on your face then you are at the right place – you are within yourself.  The best place to be if you  are neither here nor there, neither in past nor in future:  you are right where it’s best to be : ‘in the moment of yourself’.

keep on smiling1