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An extraordinary life?

One of my new clients said that I live an extraordinary life and that I somehow align within my path the science of achievement with the art of fulfillment. Being now in a country where the Swiss understatement is less the normal pattern I thought about summarizing my life in a different way – so here we go:

  • After taking at age of 10 the decision to be pharmacist, I achieved my masters degree in pharmaceutical science at age of 25
  • Within 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry I advanced from a local medical device representative to one of only 5 senior global brand managers within one of the top 3 pharmaceutical companies
  • After 18 months of employment at a governmental agency, I advanced to be an elected member in the board of directors at age of only 35 years
  • Since 2004 I took over 1’000 hours of further educations in coaching, training, personal development and shamanic studies
  • Within 4 years of starting my coaching and training formation in 2004 I  attained the certification for Fellow Member Trainer for NLP
  • Within 2 years of being a full time entrepreneur in the coaching and training business, I established a steady annual revenue of over 100kCHF per employee
  • Within 4 months I successfully incorporated a company in the US, attained an executive work visa and opened an affiliate on site
  • I have nearly 1000 connections on LinkedIn and 500 friends on Facebook.
  • I travelled to over 30 countries and was on all 5 continents so far in my life
  • I speak 5 language fluently
  • Since 2004 I pursue the path of mindfulness  – with more or less success
  • I gave up twice a very successful corporate career and immigrated once to another continent following my strong inner call to peruse professional and personal fulfillment
  • And…. I had in 2003 a burn-out, I have neither husband nor children, I lost all my animal companions over time and there are every now and then moments in which I ask myself if it’s worth all the efforts and lonely moments.

This is my life – I do agree that I achieved a lot, I also had heavy failures and devastating moments on that path. I’m seeking fulfillment, I’m a deep rooted person and each day I’m getting closer to my own happiness. In that sense I agree it’s an extraordinary life as it’s the only one I have right now!  extraordinary