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Manifest the world we want to live in

I was supposed to be in Paris today and tomorrow. I planned to visit the garden of Versailles and meet a friend after more then 6 year. Tomorrow an all day client meeting on change management. Things change, the plan is not getting realized and other elements find room to manifest.

Over the last few days sharing of sadness, the coping with unexpected, reasoning and precautions are key topics. A friend of mine just returned from Auschwitz and she is missing words to explain what she experienced. Sometimes our mind, our heart and our soul are missing words, feelings, strategies or believes to make senses of what happens around us.

In those moments I retrieve myself into nature. Endless forms of creativity and surviving strategies; endless cycles of birth &┬ádeath and yet a certainty that all is coming together – that everything has its reason even if I do not understand it at the moment it happens. Nature gives me trust and comforts me, that we as human beings have the strength to stay connected to us and others with compassion & wisdom, allowing us together to manifest step by step the world we want to live in.IMG_1095