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Can I do it?


Do you remember when you had your last exam in school or university? More so do you remember when you were told that you failed one of the many exams you did in your life? Where you ready to take on another try or did you shy off?

I failed my first driving test, the theoretical one and then again the practical exam. And actually also my practical exam for the motorcycle….I so when I was booked to make the test here in the US for the local diving licence a year ago I was anxious and asked myself if I really can do it – notice I’m driving cars and bikes since more than 25 years so my experience should tell me that I can do it. BUT there is the mental game within that has a life on its own.

We often let passed experiences holding us back from accepting new challenges or let us doubt if we can be successful because of what happen back then.  And believe me: in these moments 25 years back feel just like yesterday due to their emotional imprint in our brain.

In my practice as coach I often meet those ghosts of the past which steer the life of my clients. Sometimes we can address them rationally but more often we need to address them on a subconscious level through the method of Wingwave®, a sort of EMDR which is used in trauma therapy. Using Wingwave now for nearly a decade I’m still astounded about what can be achieved in a few sessions when having clients experiencing the feelings of: I can do it! and not having any doubts or fear along with it. Such shifts make me going the extra mile in supporting others manifesting their dreams – you, me, we all CAN DO IT!