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Outer path for inner call

Pupose_project happiness

The path to purpose is not always clear and easy. It needs inputs as the one above from Project Happiness (, self-reflection and feedback from people you trust.

I knew very early in my life (age 10) that I want to be a pharmacist. Now more than 30 years later I’m a change agent & coach: from the inner calls’ perspective it’s the same as it serves the same purpose: human being’s wellbeing, now with focus on the business life.

What can be summarized in those 4 lines involved lots of sweat, happiness and struggle. In high school I wanted to stop and get into truffle production (now a hobby of mine). During university I felt I never get the biochemistry of the human. I studied and studied and at the end I even was considering a PhD in Biopharmacology because I was so enthusiastic about it. But instead I went into a retail pharmacy and felt constrained by the regulations. I started at the pharmaceutical industry and got caught by marketing & sales. What a great adventure! I thrived and I was in the field of being paid for what I’m good in and what I love. Until one day in 2003, I did not love it anymore. I felt empty from within and the question ‘Why do I do what I do’ surfaced. Not an easy one to answer and to reflect what it’s based upon, as I was very successful in what I did at that time. Being me, I was quite drastic in my take on finding the answers to the question why: I left my job and took a time-out from work to find answers.

Ever since 2004 I’m on my path to purpose. I started my coaching & training formation, kicked-off my first company, connected with my healing skills and intuition, traveled the world and explored new fields of work. If I would have had the above graph as guide, things might have developed even faster. But now we are in Oct 2015 and since several years I work in my own business enabling insights and facilitate change for individuals and organizations. I truly love what I do as it serves the bigger purpose of peoples being happy@work and I’m good in what I do. The rest follows along those lines. Is that the end of my path to follow the inner call? No, I do not think so, but I take it step by step.

What is your path? What is different then years back and equally the same? Let me know, I’m curious to get to hear your story.