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Conscious Leadership

In August 2017 I was part of the faculty for a conscious leadership training in St Cruz CA by the Dilts Strategy Groups. We have had a group of 80 students that dived into the principles around key success factors for conscious leadership. It was an amazing experience as we enriched the field with complimentary wisdom. One morning we held a panel about spiritual leadership and I knew that spirits do have lots to say about that. So rather than sharing my opinion I asked spirits what they want to share and below text is what I received.

Spiritual Leadership-2

If you are new to me, you may ask yourselves what that is all about. Good question!

Since 2012 I pondered the thought of how to embrace my spiritual path with what I do for businesses and BizShaman was the answer – merging shamanic principles with business consulting. Since 2014 I follow that path. That lead me to live and work mots of the time in the USA, to publishing the book Dare to Trust – Sprits@Work which reflects my journey and in which the base lays for being a channel for spirits to our world – a hollow bone as its often referred to.

Especially the last paragraph of the message regarding walking gracefully while being aware of the inherent duality of our world  resulting for me in a non-judgmental and compassionate way of life, is essential. What is it for you?