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Existential Intelligence and the question WHY

multiple_intelligencesToday in preparation of a event on “how to get more women in top management” I studied the theory of multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner. Where are the factors that let women to step out of the pipeline to the C-levels? Is it because women are not as good as others to “tell their story effectively”?

Shall we in that sense follow the path that Patty Azzarello mentions in her book Rise by : Do better – Look better – Connect better? I guess that will help to a certain degree but based on my experience as coach as well as my own personal story that stops when the question: WHY? starts to come to the mind. The elements of ethical leadership like integrity, values, believes and the social impact of decisions get dominant. If I would embrace those elements I would put them into “existential intelligence” in combination with the “intra-personal” one.

That we strike for purpose along with mastery and autonomy is also the outcome of Dan Picks research on what motivates us. So we eventually shall check what purpose female leaders see in proceeding to top management and if those answers to the question WHY are in-line with what “the other side” (eg share holders, board of directors,..) expects.

One knows, there is not one typical female or male representative, however looking at all 9 intelligence listed I conclude (for myself) that females ask more often why in relation to sacrifices on ethical levels then males.  Maybe because they relate to more of those intelligence at once? Who knows!  Kathrin

Time to think

Time to thinkThis week I finally wrote a newsletter to over 500 of my contacts. The topic was time to think. Here a brief part of it with questions about taking time:

Over the last few weeks I had time to finally read articles, essays and books on leadership and its development, change management and coaching, the 3 main areas of my work. A few things were really new, most was “old stuff in a new vessel” and but some really intrigued me and I will embrace it in my work.  There would be lot to share but does it help if I swap you? Wouldn’t it be wise to have time to reflect on things that are important to you?  Time to analyse where you stand on leadership skill and where you’d like to strengthen your skills?  Based on my experience time is the most wanted and least controlled element in our business life and “time to think” is rare. We strive for lean processes and effective actions. But are you really taking time to think?

  • Do you follow the standard time management recommendation to schedule meeting each day with yourself in your agenda?
  • Do you once a day take time for a fifteen-minute coffee break to allow thoughts to travel wherever they want to go?
  • Do you use the resources at your hand to go through a structured thinking process using coaching?

Are there some YES answers, then congratulations, otherwise what stops you of doing one of it. In that respect I wish you “time to think” and let me know when I can be of support. Kathrin

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Enjoy simple things

Summer time is for a lot of us holiday time. And I assume most of you finally have some minutes to breath, enjoy and relax.

enjoy small thingsLast week I was camping on a little mountain (1300m altitude) attending a music and dance festival. It was a very relaxing week from an intellectual stand point. The structure of the day was given by providing food, washing dishes (and us) as well as getting fresh water from the sole tube on the area.

Back to basic in a sense and that allowed to be taken away by a few small things. Image that you have a spectacular view to the Bernese alps while brushing your theeths. Imaging that you can leave your i-phone at a public charging place by itself for more then 2 hours and you have no worries that someone would take it away. Imaging that whenever you ask someboday a little favor you get a smile and the most willing help to support you. Imagine that you feel free and the days are flowing like the few clouds at the sky. YES that was my week last week.

And now? Is my business life so different? Are there not as many small things to enjoy every day like last week?  Isn’t it a start to lift your eyes and see what beauty is around us? Isn’t it worth a try to trust into the good of other poeple. Isn’t it easy to answer with a smile when somebody needs support and isn’t it valid to ask for support and help if you need it?  We can bring our holidays easily to our daily life –  it is us to decide how we enjoy our given time .

Enjoy! Kathrin