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Swallow your smile

In the last few days the 6 postcards I wrote from Bali (on the last day at the airport) got to their designations. One month it took them to come to Europe and one month is the time I’m back from my journey. A very good friend wrote me today and SMS: “Are you safely arrived home now?” Of course he knows that I’m back but that was not his question. Back from such an experience takes time to land, takes time to digest and time to integrate. I promised myself a few  – actually to be honest “many” things, which I wanted to do in a certain timeframe. Just to name one thing: write 4 blogs in 4 weeks about my time in Bali. Today I have to admit: ” Girl, once more you wanted too much in a too short timeframe.” Not just because I didn’t invest time – no, but because life goes on and takes its turns.

However, I’m proud to say that I returned safely home from my workshop and time in Bali. I may not have completed all I thought I can do but I’m on track with the deepest insights, with the most wanted projects and with my goals. This is my result after reviewing my notes from the workshop and by completing the photo book.

But back to the story of to do too much. The message for me is to do less at time and this less with more awareness. Having said that, I thought about THE ONE THING that I have as take home from Bali – the single thing that I will remember over time – this one thing that I see as key insight that transforms.

If I really reduce it, it ends with one advice from the medicine men to me: “Swallow your smile!”

Swallow your smile

  • Swallow your smile to not only send you laughter outside but to yourself.
  • Swallow your smile to send the happiness not only to the others but also to yourself.
  • Swallow your smile to have passion for yourself and to be your own inner sun.

All that is for me in this advice. And by coincidence (or not), a few days later prior to breakfast I took this picture. Is there more to say?                             Kathrin