5 Surprisingly Effective Steps to Set Your Goals (in 90 Mins or Less) By Ruby McGuire.

This article shares a 5 Step Process by Ruby McGuire for you to set some fabulous, meaningful goals. All you’ll need a pen, some paper or your journal and a timer.

STEP 1. Do A Mini Review (10 mins)

When setting goals, it’s always good to start with the past in mind. So, let’s do some time-travel and get some gems to help you create some exciting new goals. Once you know what works and what doesn’t then you’ll find goal setting a lot more effective.

Action: Write out your answers to the following questions. No over-analyzing, this is just a quick review. You’ve got 10-minutes. Ready, get set, go!

  1. What 3 lessons have you learned in the past six months?
  2. What dreams have come true?
  3. What 3 things are you most proud of yourself for?
  4. What didn’t work for you?
  5. What do you need to let go of? (something you didn’t achieve)
  6. What would you like to stop, start and continue?

The Future is Now

STEP 2. Three Little Words (10 mins)

In this step we’re using the power of emotion.

Action: Grab your pen, paper and set the time for 10 minutes!

  1. Start by focusing on how you want to ‘feel’. Write out 3 words that will help you achieve your goals and bring you the most happiness, eg.
    • Freedom/Wealth/Family
    • Peace/Excited/Cherished
    • Organized/Positive/Fun
  1. Next write down 3 words for how you want the next 6 months or year to be (go with your gut instinct on this one).
  2. Write out how you already live those words.
  3. Answer the question, “How would my life/business be different if I allowed these 3 words to be my guide?”

STEP 3. Define Your 3 BIG Juicy Goals (30 mins)

This is the time to think really big and get excited about your goals. If they don’t excite you, don’t do them!

Action: Get a warm drink, put on your favorite music and get into dream creation mode.

  1. First choose 3 empowering words and use these to guide your goal setting (as you did in Step 2).
  2. Write down what you would REALLY love to achieve.
  3. Convert this into 3 BIG juicy goals – not just the “nice to haves”, but the ones that excite you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You can choose to do some SMART goal setting here – where you make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related (you’ve probably come across these if you’ve done a coaching qualification).

You could also use a FUNKY goal setting system:

  • F – Make your goal FABULOUS- It MUST excite you.
  • U – Create an UNSHAKEABLE plan – Allow time for things that might crop up. Think about the times you do your best work etc.
  • N – is for NOW. Don’t just let the dust settle on it. Take one piece of action within the next 24 hours.
  • K – KEEP at it. Plan to do something every single day towards your goals.
  • Y – Say YES and commit to success! You can do it, if you just commit and follow through on your plan.

TIP: You may be tempted to create lots of goals. Don’t! Choose only three, no more. When you achieve those 3 goals you can then move onto setting some more – and keep focused!

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” Gloria Steinem

STEP 4. Review Your Goals (10 mins)

Sometimes we get stuck in other people’s goals and set things that aren’t what we desire. For example, it’s easy to get caught up in, “I want to make 10K a month” so we set this as our goal, when actually that might not be our real desire.

Action: Do a mini check in to check your goals (Spend no more than 10-minutes on this):

  1. Ask yourself if these goals are what you REALLY want?
  2. Do they get you into that ‘WOW’ place?
  3. Moving forward, what will you be/do/have when you’ve achieved them?
  4. If you could have your goal right now (as in you’ve achieved it) would you take it? (This question is SO important)

change - 1

STEP 5. Pull Together a 3-Step Action Plan for Each of Your 3 Goals (20 mins)

Now, KISS (Keep It Simple & Special) and set yourself 3 simple action steps for each of your 3 goals.

Action: Write out each big goal, and underneath it note 3 actions to get you started on achieving your goal.

Here’s an example:

Goal 1 – Attract 3 new clients by (date)

  • EXAMPLE ACTION 1: Pull together a little offer that I can share with people
  • EXAMPLE ACTION 2: Write a list of 10 past clients/people I can share my offer with
  • EXAMPLE ACTION 3: Write a blog post and share the offer at the end of the post


So there you have it, 5 surprisingly effective steps to set your goals in less than 90 minutes! If you stuck to the plan then you should have 3 BIG juicy goals with powerful words to help you stay focused and a simple action plan to follow. Now you need to do the work – it’s time to take action!



Conscious Leadership

In August 2017 I was part of the faculty for a conscious leadership training in St Cruz CA by the Dilts Strategy Groups. We have had a group of 80 students that dived into the principles around key success factors for conscious leadership. It was an amazing experience as we enriched the field with complimentary wisdom. One morning we held a panel about spiritual leadership and I knew that spirits do have lots to say about that. So rather than sharing my opinion I asked spirits what they want to share and below text is what I received.

Spiritual Leadership-2

If you are new to me, you may ask yourselves what that is all about. Good question!

Since 2012 I pondered the thought of how to embrace my spiritual path with what I do for businesses and BizShaman was the answer – merging shamanic principles with business consulting. Since 2014 I follow that path. That lead me to live and work mots of the time in the USA, to publishing the book Dare to Trust – Sprits@Work which reflects my journey and in which the base lays for being a channel for spirits to our world – a hollow bone as its often referred to.

Especially the last paragraph of the message regarding walking gracefully while being aware of the inherent duality of our world  resulting for me in a non-judgmental and compassionate way of life, is essential. What is it for you?

Can I do it?


Do you remember when you had your last exam in school or university? More so do you remember when you were told that you failed one of the many exams you did in your life? Where you ready to take on another try or did you shy off?

I failed my first driving test, the theoretical one and then again the practical exam. And actually also my practical exam for the motorcycle….I so when I was booked to make the test here in the US for the local diving licence a year ago I was anxious and asked myself if I really can do it – notice I’m driving cars and bikes since more than 25 years so my experience should tell me that I can do it. BUT there is the mental game within that has a life on its own.

We often let passed experiences holding us back from accepting new challenges or let us doubt if we can be successful because of what happen back then.  And believe me: in these moments 25 years back feel just like yesterday due to their emotional imprint in our brain.

In my practice as coach I often meet those ghosts of the past which steer the life of my clients. Sometimes we can address them rationally but more often we need to address them on a subconscious level through the method of Wingwave®, a sort of EMDR which is used in trauma therapy. Using Wingwave now for nearly a decade I’m still astounded about what can be achieved in a few sessions when having clients experiencing the feelings of: I can do it! and not having any doubts or fear along with it. Such shifts make me going the extra mile in supporting others manifesting their dreams – you, me, we all CAN DO IT!

Will it bring me happiness?

Reading the book of ‚the art of happiness – a handbook for living’ by the Dalai Lama, I realized that my own perception of what makes me happy has shifted over the last few years. Since more than 2 years I do not have stable home. Most of my belongings are gone, the rest is either in suitcases traveling with me or in boxes in a mini storage. It took quite some substance from me to stop having a home base and yet feeling content with moving around and living like a modern vagabond. Just yesterday someone asked how I deal with all that and this morning I was reading the following in the book:

„As long as there is a lack of inner discipline that brings calmness of mind, no matter what external facilities or conditions you have, they will never give you the feeling of joy and happiness that you are seeking.“

This sentence stroke me deeply and I felt ‚yes, that it‘ – the inner discipline, not to be mistaken with being disciplined which people that know me know is not true. But what I do have  is perseverance: the inner guide to strike long term goals and the willingness to making sacrifices along the way in order to achieve them.

But how does that go along with happiness? In the book they talk about the difference of pleasure and happiness. The pleasure of wining, having materials gods, the joy that sex or food can give. The question is, do those pleasures make you happy. Or even more paradox: can you be happy even if there is no pleasure or displeasure?

I stipulate that YES it’s possible. One part of it is your own perspective towards your current situation, what kind of assest you have, what kind of inner resource you can count on. Even in disastrous situations people claim to be happy as they consider still having what is precious to them.  If you always look at what is still missing in your live and not counting what you actually do have and are grateful for all that, it will get very difficult to get that calmness of mind.

With Christmas in front of our doors, especially here in the US, shopping and organizing gifts is what one shall do to make others happy. I ask: does it make you happy to give the gifts – as big, small or non material they will be. Are you happy to see and spend time with the people you plan to spend those days? And if not: what is needed for you in order to shift the needle to turn into the direction of happiness? Be honest with yourself as in my experience this allows you to start to be happy.


Key to happiness – Bali 2013 – KathrinM. Wyss

Transform poison into beauty

On Wednesday I was listening to a talk and I heard the story of peacocks thriving on poison. I was instantly caught by that and after a quick internet search I did find the following: “Peacocks live in forest with poisonous plants, they eat the poisonous plants that no other animals can eat, and instead of being poisoned, peacocks transformed the poisons they eat into beautiful, colorful and vibrant plumage and thrive” [1] Some other sources repeat that fact which makes me believe there is truth in it. [2]


by Kathrin M. Wyss – Spring 2016 in the zoo in San Francisco

As the pearl, which is the product of an irritation within the oyster (see blog July 2016) , it seems that nature finds unique ways to transform poison into beauty. Being human, and as such part of nature, the question arises how can we do similar things. How can we transform challenges, irritation, poisons of our minds & soul into beauty, into positive, into something worthwhile?

Spiritual sources refer to compassion, holding the space for what is difficult and be free of judgmental thoughts. Then in the universal perspective nothing is neither good nor bad. However, we are living in a world where judgements seem to be the currency, as is negativity. Bad news sell better, horror stories get attention and if we talk as much about good things as we do about bad ones, we were told to live in a pink bubble and ignoring the ‘real’ world.

And here starts my thought process on transforming poison into beauty. What is the ‘real word’? What is real? Is not everything a subjective perception and as such just a perspective? In mediation, we consider finding levels of agreement where there is disagreement and by doing so we drain destructive energy. We can disagree on high level or low level perspectives, but we will find some agreement when we are willing to shift our original position and consider different thoughts as being valid as well.

But that is sometimes very difficult and the question to ask ourselves is: Why is that so?  Defending our position means we protect something that is very important to us, even if we might not be aware and can express it in words. It can be something that we  or our family cherishes or something that is a cultural tradition; something that comes from our experiences or knowledge tank; or something that springs from our religious, spiritual or political beliefs.

So being confronted with ‘poison’ (hence not our thing), we could argue, could object,  could protect our position OR we can do it like the peacocks & the oysters and ‘digest’ it and let it into our system by thinking and validating the thoughts along what we think and belief. By doing so, we transform it into something that is more manageable and ‘digestible’. I strongly belief, that each of us has this ability and it is up to every one of us to choose where and when we want to apply this capability.

[1] From a Dharma Talk given by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on 23 May 2006, recorded by Loh Seng Piow
[2] http://www.chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com/en/index.php/Peacock  and http://sisterhoodofstepmoms.com/about-us/the-story-of-the-peacock/


A grain of sand leads to true beauty

You know those moments, something goes wrong, not as smooth as wanted or even fails totally and then it gets your attention. It seems that as long as all goes as planed and expected, we surf on a wave of unnoticed accomplishment and confidence – life just passes by –moment by moment, day by day. Then, something unexpected happens, and we are out of our flow. We start to question if it is our fault, or someone else’s, if the system works as it should …I could go on and on.

I’m sure you have seen a natural pearl once in your life. It recently has been brought to my attention (again) that the starting point of such beauty is an active disruption in the life of an oyster. In earlier days’ people thought a grain of sand was the origin. Today we know it’s a parasite or another foreign matter, which actually needs to hurt something very specially inside of the shell to get a pearl as end result.

Use this analogy and take a look at what currently happens around and in politics. It seems to me that there are lots of ‘foreign matters” that disrupt systems in their core matter and understanding. I hear statements driven by fear resulting in negative proclamations of what those disruptions might result in. Thinking of what has happened just in the last few weeks let me reflect on my own personal story and how I deal with disruptions. Thinking retrospectively; aside from momentary pain, unproductive thoughts, and disbelief, the biggest grain of sand in my life brought me a strong call for action – a call to do something now or never. This lead me to awaken from my day by day passing life, and allowed me to actively steer my own path, being aware of what is going on around me, and where others try to influence what I shall do, think, and say. By paying attention to my own actions, to the different perspectives that different people have, and by allowing full trust of nature’s and humans’ ability enabled me to let go of many things such as  formed opinions and a desire for control regardless of my reach of influence.

I learned that disruptions by definition are neither positive nor negative; they simply disrupt the system, the actual flow. There is always a possibility that beauty can grow out of it if we let it happen rather than letting fear obstruct the growth of new things. Sometimes the more it hurts, and the more it disrupts, the more profound the change can be, as foundations, and long standing belief systems are challenged. This is currently happening both in Europe with the Brexit, and in the US with the two candidates nominated for presidency. It also happens in our everyday life on a smaller or larger scale.

It is up to us if beauty can be a result of the disruption in our life, in our systems.  Actively assessing if it’s fear, comfort or anything else that holds us back rather than faith in what can happen is my outlook on current challenges. Actively pursuing the path, you want to walk, asking what is possible, what new option we have not thought of yet that could happen. There is never just an “either / or” situation; there are always way more options available if we just let them arise while containing our fear.

An extraordinary life?

One of my new clients said that I live an extraordinary life and that I somehow align within my path the science of achievement with the art of fulfillment. Being now in a country where the Swiss understatement is less the normal pattern I thought about summarizing my life in a different way – so here we go:

  • After taking at age of 10 the decision to be pharmacist, I achieved my masters degree in pharmaceutical science at age of 25
  • Within 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry I advanced from a local medical device representative to one of only 5 senior global brand managers within one of the top 3 pharmaceutical companies
  • After 18 months of employment at a governmental agency, I advanced to be an elected member in the board of directors at age of only 35 years
  • Since 2004 I took over 1’000 hours of further educations in coaching, training, personal development and shamanic studies
  • Within 4 years of starting my coaching and training formation in 2004 I  attained the certification for Fellow Member Trainer for NLP
  • Within 2 years of being a full time entrepreneur in the coaching and training business, I established a steady annual revenue of over 100kCHF per employee
  • Within 4 months I successfully incorporated a company in the US, attained an executive work visa and opened an affiliate on site
  • I have nearly 1000 connections on LinkedIn and 500 friends on Facebook.
  • I travelled to over 30 countries and was on all 5 continents so far in my life
  • I speak 5 language fluently
  • Since 2004 I pursue the path of mindfulness  – with more or less success
  • I gave up twice a very successful corporate career and immigrated once to another continent following my strong inner call to peruse professional and personal fulfillment
  • And…. I had in 2003 a burn-out, I have neither husband nor children, I lost all my animal companions over time and there are every now and then moments in which I ask myself if it’s worth all the efforts and lonely moments.

This is my life – I do agree that I achieved a lot, I also had heavy failures and devastating moments on that path. I’m seeking fulfillment, I’m a deep rooted person and each day I’m getting closer to my own happiness. In that sense I agree it’s an extraordinary life as it’s the only one I have right now!  extraordinary