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Start with a smile

Bali_Buddha SmileI somehow cannot believe that it is already end of Jan. Where are the days? Of course I know that due to my start abroad in a workshop I dedicated a lot of my days of this month to further formation & to personal development and I love to share some of my insights in the next few blogs.

As said I started my year with a workshop on transformation and it happened to take place in Bali. A nice combination I have to admit. Even though the weather was not overwhelmingly good, I liked it very much. Rain helped to keep temperature within my comfort zone (below 30 degrees). This was needed, as the work I was going through did absorb a lot of my energy. It all started easy, get to know each other; go and visit a medicine man and think about a few questions. Like what you love and don’t love about yourself. Now here is already the biggest pitfall, as the questions are about LOVE not just like or think to love, no, about love. One of them was even about “truly deeply madly love….”

I have to admit, in the first few days there was not a lot on my list on that topic, so we lowered the bar to “appreciate” and now I was in the game. That was a lovely one. Just try it out yourself: “What is it that you truly appreciate about yourself, about your situation, about your work?”

I can tell you, you will have a smile on your face reading that list and you will be able to add every day a few more lines as you get into that. And guess what, I start now every day with such a list (as well as some other tools) and that allows me to start with a smile..

there is more to come…promised!