Archive | May 2014

Adding value

Today I sent an SMS to a friend in Russia giving some news about work and business. She wrote back that she enjoys work there and despite she has still many things to learn – she tries to add value where she can.

add valueA statement that touched my heart. And reflecting about my last 2 months, during which I was physically restricted due to an accident (and frustrated because elf the limitations) – I can say, I tried the same. Adding value despite not being at the top of health, despite not being able to artistically use available resources, despite recognizing that there are limitations – I added value whenever I could.

When we act from the position of wanting to add value, from the position of doing our best, then we allow ourselves to tap into our resources & talents available and with that allow all others to do the same. In my trainings I talk about the JFK cocktail in reference to Dorothy Sarnoff a Pioneer of the Self-Help Movement. This cocktail consists of  5 believe sentences essential to a good state management. A great tool to be used every day because if you can hold this cocktail state – you’re in the right mood to add value where needed and wanted. – Just try it out!