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Trust your intuition

Starting the day today I saw on LinkedIn this picture and I guess like thousands of others, I opened it and checked what I saw. Now one thing you need to know before reading any further is, that at the moment my brain does not really work as usual as I have – due to a little accident – a whiplash. That has the effect that sometimes my brain makes what it wants or more specifically: not want I consciously want. Having said this preliminary note, while opening the pic with all the letters, a little voice in my head said: intelligence.

word firstWait a moment, where is that word? I took another look and said to me: no I see friends, freedom, but not intelligence. But then a few seconds later I saw this word and I even spelled it loud to check if it’s there or just an illusion. But yes it was there: my brain / intuition has seen it way before my conscious intelligence has analysed it!

Taking this as an analogy, I guess I have to thank my brain that sometimes it does not do what I want, practically speaking I shall trust more my intuition. Having at the moment way more off working time then usual due to my recovery, I promise to practice it more!  Enjoy your day Kathrin