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Free spirit

Free spirit

This summer I took nearly 10 weeks time off business and was traveling around in the South West of the US. It was a great time and I enjoyed the difference landscapes, the different cultures in the states and meeting lots of new people from all over the world. I really felt like a free spirit, no (or better nearly no) obligations, no rules to follow and lots, lots of time to think & to be.

Now back home I go through the notes I made and a quote / question that I wrote down jump to my face: do you have the discipline of a free spirit?

Hmm, good questions I need to admit: so is this an habit of mine – not just while being aboard, while having time off, but also back home, back to the work place, back with the routine?

I need to admit: my daily routine is very fast in getting myself back to where I was before I left. But now I have my personal reminder with a graffiti from Las Vegas as background.

So lets all of us cultivate our free spirits! Kathrin