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Stay happy and connected

Weihnachtspostkarte 2013If I had a wish, a wish for anyone close to my heart and those I do not know yet, everyone living in our world then it would be: “Stay happy and connected.” Connected to each other, connected to yourself and by doing that you actually stay happy.

A year full of news, events and new connections & insights finds it’s end. A year which showed me that limitations and new horizons are so close to each other that I really do not know if there is a difference in between them. People very close to me lost important people in their lives or they received the gift of new live. In each of those moments I felt my heart flowing. Flowing towards the other persons heart to share joy or grief, to live compassion and lighten up the emotions. I felt the joy and the responsibility of the connection and I followed each call with no hesitation as my heart already was there when my mind decided to go.

As humans we have the joy of having both, a heart and a mind – latter I admire really much. This year was my year of the heart over mind experiences and my world is so much richer now staying connected.

For everyone of you, who wants some tips and tricks for the mind to stay connected and happy, please find here a website and scroll down and find under resources a pdf Booklet

Enjoy Kathrin