MiracleToday I started my day listening to songs of Queen with Freddie Mercury as lead singer. I listened not only to the songs and my memories along but more to the meaning of the texts. 2 particular ones captured my attention: The show must go on and The miracle.Queen_song_text)

Most likely you heard those songs already many times, you may even sing the songs in your mind right now.

As an artist you capture what’s within by creating another level of expressions such as words, melodies, graphics, installations, food, fashion, photography …. there is no end of how you can do it.  Everyone of us has such an artist within us, but only  a few share it in public. Thankful we are that they do it, express their perceptions allowing us to follow their doubts and hopes.

The Show must go on! The Show must go on! Yeah, yeah!

Ooh! Inside my heart is breaking! My make-up may be flaking…

But my smile, still, stays on! Yeah! oh oh oh

At first it sounds sad and actually nearly always I have tears in my eyes when I hear it.  It’s a song about going on in the outside knowing that within you’re not on track any longer. I guess a lot of us know that feeling. But in some lines of the song there’s hope as well:  I’m never giving in & I guess i’m learning.

Much more hope to grow, to learn – to celebrate the existing life you’ll find in the song “the miracle”:

We’re having a miracle on earth,
Mother nature does it all for us


That time will come one day you’ll see
when we can all be friends

Is there any take home from those 2 songs? There is for me: we all have times of doubt and moments when we feel that ‘The show must go on’. But at the same time we know that there are lots of miracles around us and that it’s about us to shift the focus:  maybe by stunning like a little child about what there is and what we are able to do.

In that sense I selected the picture of the  spider in the sun: a little beauty, a little miracle of ‘mother nature’ that we often oversee. Kathrin

About Beachtig

“I love to dig deep to let you find answers to some difficult questions that might be holding you back, almost unconsciously. All to allow you moving forward to reach for your dreams.“ We focus on a holistic and sustainable approach to change management for our business clients such as management teams, non-profits organisations and corporations. Specialized in change and transformation support, we analyse holistically the current situation and the organisation itself. We design goal oriented change management plans that include kick-off meetings, trainings, one to one work as well as the use of divers communication means. Our goal is to generate even in hard situations an atmosphere that allows all people involved to gain trust and courage to foster an active participation in manifesting the change.

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