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Being in-between

Outside temperature changes in our clime zone from Summer to Fall. It’s cold again and at the same day warm. It starts to be in-between…not yet the one or other thing.  Do you know that feeling? What was until now doesn’t feel right any longer and yet nothing new is in sight? Or you feel that things need to change but you cannot yet take decisions?  It is as if you ‘hang in there’ and you know it but…?

Just yesterday I heard again: ‘You are not your thoughts’ and by combining it with another sentence that cross me today: ‘Find the balance of the opposites within you to find your being’ you get an idea what you might want to do.

Go in distance to you (and your situation, your thoughts, your habits, your world of connections and dependecies) and change from a doing to a being mode. Best way to do it right now is to concentrate solely on your breath. And if you can do that while keeping a smile on your face then you are at the right place – you are within yourself.  The best place to be if you  are neither here nor there, neither in past nor in future:  you are right where it’s best to be : ‘in the moment of yourself’.

keep on smiling1

Coaching: Generative & effective ?!?

In Business, coaching shall be tailored, focused and in short term effective. At the same time coaching is also a tool to unfold potentials. Different aims and hence different processes. While I use the GROW model from John Withmore often with managers for work performance issues, I refer to other processes such as the generative or co-active coaching, when it comes to unleash the dreams and the ‘not-yet-known’.

generative coachingStephen Gilligan wrote in his Blog in June about “mastering the own creative consciousness” also by “integrating dualities”. In his explanation about generative coaching he says that a coach is there to COACH and not to CRASH: a very neat use of abbreviations as summary to several elements. As coach one shall walk on the fine balance to push without cracking, leave the comfort zone but stay within resourceful states.

For me, coaching is effective if the coach stays with the client’s horizon and if the client really wants to grow – either on a business performance issue or on development. Results subsequently can be measured on levels such as feelings, learning, behavior and results; seldom though on all the 4 together. However, when coach & client together “hook up” – as it says in the graph – to achieve the goals & dreams, you often go beyond expectations. That is what inspires me to go to work every day! Kathrin

PS: Thanks to Florence to nicely summing graphically up the process of generative coaching – well done!