Quality time in our life

Last week a little story crossed again my way…I saw it a few years ago and again it stroke me how simple it can be explained how to prioritize our life. It’s story about a professor that comes to class with a mayonnaise jar, golf balls, sand and some more things. He uses the materials to ask the question: is it full now? At first sight he asks about the jar, on second level he makes the analogy for our life. (You find the article on my website.)

We have so many things that are eating up our daily time, things that in “ad hoc” seems important but in relation to other things it’s different. Reflecting back, if I take my time to do that, I sometimes have to agree that I didn’t use my time wisely. That the little quality time I had just passed away because I was busy with “little nonsense” things.

Now I plan a bit better, and now I take my time to drink something with my friends…not beer as you know but a glas of champagne to celebrate does the job as well!

About Beachtig

“I love to dig deep to let you find answers to some difficult questions that might be holding you back, almost unconsciously. All to allow you moving forward to reach for your dreams.“ We focus on a holistic and sustainable approach to change management for our business clients such as management teams, non-profits organisations and corporations. Specialized in change and transformation support, we analyse holistically the current situation and the organisation itself. We design goal oriented change management plans that include kick-off meetings, trainings, one to one work as well as the use of divers communication means. Our goal is to generate even in hard situations an atmosphere that allows all people involved to gain trust and courage to foster an active participation in manifesting the change.

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