When you change what you believe

This week I finished a further formation on solution focused coaching. It was a great experience to witness the progresses made by all of us in the class since August last year. The whole module was dedicated to exams where real clients came in to be coached by us students.

It was nice for me to see some coaching clients with topics that I do not have while I was sitting in, observing and supporting the process as a member of the reflecting team.

“What would you do if…”

…a question that is focussed to the future, focussed to what you really want. And yet often was the answer: “I do not know” or “it’s to hard to imaging while…”. Yesterday I had dinner with friends and again the question was: “if this is now a compromise at work, what would be 100% of your dream?” Again…”I do not know”.

Often we only feel that something is not at it best but we do not do anything actively. Or we only start moving when we cannot have the “old thing” any longer.

In that context I got remembered to a video which was shown to me at the time the “daughter company” I worked for was incorporated into the “mother company”. Looking at it again after all those years and having experiences myself in the meantime supporting teams, company and individuals in change situations, I really think the story of “Who moved my cheese” has not lost any of it’s actuality or value at all.

Have fun watching it – Kathrin

About Beachtig

“I love to dig deep to let you find answers to some difficult questions that might be holding you back, almost unconsciously. All to allow you moving forward to reach for your dreams.“ We focus on a holistic and sustainable approach to change management for our business clients such as management teams, non-profits organisations and corporations. Specialized in change and transformation support, we analyse holistically the current situation and the organisation itself. We design goal oriented change management plans that include kick-off meetings, trainings, one to one work as well as the use of divers communication means. Our goal is to generate even in hard situations an atmosphere that allows all people involved to gain trust and courage to foster an active participation in manifesting the change.

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